Why Buy a Hot Tub?

Relieve your stress and sleep better than ever
In addition to being a relaxing and luxurious feature of your home, a Hot Tub Spa from The Hot Tub Centre can have beneficial effects on your health. Serving Northern Ireland and Ireland, we have dedicated ourselves to providing exceptional quality Hot Tubs to fulfil all your relaxation, sleep aid, and stress relief needs. 

Wellis Spa Hot Tubs

Built to the highest of standards by state of the art manufacturers in Hungary, our Wellis Spa range is becoming increasingly popular due to their competitive pricing. Installed with care and with no hidden costs added on to your Hot Tub price, this is a fantastic option for those seeking quality personal wellness equipment in their own homes. 
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American Whirlpool Hot Tubs

For over 40 years, American Whirlpool has been the world’s industry leading quality manufacturer of Hot Tubs – and here at the Hot Tub Centre are proud to offer this product to you. This range offers exceptional long term durability, a quadrant therapy system, and is designed for ultimate comfort and efficiency.  
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Alleviate your stress 

There is a body of research that supports the theory that warm water immersion, coupled with massaging jets, promotes healing and an increase in both physical and mental well-being (also known as hydrotherapy). Stress is an unavoidable part of life, and can have serious effects on your health if not managed correctly. The clean, bubbling water of a spa releases endorphins and lowers adrenaline, leaving you with a sense of calm. For best results, we recommend you use your Hot Tub Spa at least three times a week, for 30 minutes at a comfortable temperature.

Natural aid to sound sleep 

The National Sleep Foundation and other experts all agree that regularly soaking in a Hot Tub Spa can be an excellent way to prepare for a night of sound, healthy and natural sleep. If you want to rest well without the use of over the counter medications, using your Hot Tub Spa late in the evening will help clear your mind and soothe your body before bed. Combine with essential oils for an even greater effect. 

Muscle and joint health 

It’s been proven that after just 12 minutes in a Hot Tub, deep muscle temperature increases to reach water temperature. This warmth is shown to provide relief to sore or injured muscles and joints, bringing you natural pain relief. However, please always check with your doctor before you use The Hot Tub Centre’s Hot Tub Spas for muscle pain, especially if you suffer from a pre-existing condition. 

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