Removals & Storage

Need a Hot Tub removed, relocated or stored?

Moving a Hot Tub is not as simple as you might believe. It is an awkward shape and weight, with some Hot Tubs weighing up to 400kg, and should not be attempted by non-professionals in case of damage or accidents. If you require Hot Tub removals in Northern Ireland, our expert team of Hot Tub movers at The Hot Tub Centre are happy to help.

Hot Tub removals from the experts

We use specialist equipment and well-practised techniques in order to move your Hot Tub safely and efficiently off your property. Our team of Hot Tub removal professionals are all highly trained, and the techniques we use should not be imitated by amateurs. When you need to remove a Hot Tub from your property, call our experts and let us do the hard work for you. 

Storage solutions when you need them

Do you require long or short term storage solution for your Hot Tub? Talk to our team of professional Hot Tub movers today – skilled in Hot Tub removals, The Hot Tub Centre can also provide recommendations and advice on storage options for your Hot Tubs and spas. 

Relocation of your Hot Tub

If you’re carrying out building or renovation work on your home, sometimes it may be practical to relocate your Hot Tub to a different area of your garden. Whether it is within the same property or you are moving house, our reliable Hot Tub movers are capable of carrying out Hot Tub relocation throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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