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At The Hot Tub Centre, we sell one of north Americas leading hot tub brands, LA Spas, they have been manufacturing hot tubs for over 40 years and are recognised as innovators in the industry. We have been the sole dealer of LA Spas in Ireland for 18 years.

Since 1976, L.A. Spas has been the world’s industry-leading quality manufacturer of custom made hot tubs. With L.A. Spas' proprietary energy efficient Ultimate Water Management System, your hot tub will be crystal clear 365 days a year. L.A. Spas' ergonomically designed seats, jet performance, and immediate stress relief are just a few ways you’ll know you own the very best. Quality, reliability, and performance – reasons why L.A. Spas can provide you with ultimate Adventures in Hydrotherapy!

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Why you should choose an L.A Spa

The Aqua Klean® Filter which is standard on every L.A. Spas hot tub, allows the water to flow through with less restrictions, providing up to an incredible 150 gallons per minute flow rate. Unlike conventional filters, which typically use a bypass system to achieve the same amount of flow, the maximum flow design of the Aqua Klean® filter allows the Ultimate Water Management System to filter 100% of the water through the filter for maximum natural purity.

The Ultimate Circulation Pump is silent and only requires about half of the wattage of traditional circulation pumps. Developed for efficiency, the ultimate circulation pump is one of the most economical pumps in the industry. Energy used to power the pump is transferred into heat as it circulates the water. This design provides additional heat for your spa, allowing your heater to work less, saving you money everyday!

The Ultimate Heater is designed to allow water to pass through at maximum speed while transferring all the heat efficiently to your spa. This design minimizes mineral deposits from forming on the heater element. As a part of our Ultimate Water Management System, the Ultimate Heater has the ability to automatically adjust the power and energy that is required. When the jet pumps are turned on, the “smart” logic in the heater will determine the available electric current, and adjust the power accordingly.

The Ultimate Mixing Chamber is essential to the L.A. Spas Water Management System. Our exclusive design maximizes the ozone’s effectiveness, increasing the contact ratio between ozone and water by dispersing the ozone into millions of tiny bubbles, thereby optimizing your water purification process. Working in conjunction with our proprietary Aqua Klean® Filters, your spa’s chemical consumption is greatly reduced, with virtually no off-gas effects.
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Quadrant therapy system

L.A. Spas has designed the Quadrant Therapy System to strategically place a select group of jets in specific seats to focus on the primary muscle groups in the body, including neck and shoulder, full back, arms and hands, legs and feet. Each seat is designed to deliver a specific massage including the delivery of soft or deep tissue pressure for optimum therapy. As specific acupressure points on the body are massaged, the muscle tension is released, naturally promoting circulation. By targeting acupressure points, L.A. Spas can effectively relieve daily stresses optimizing the bodies natural healing process. 

Long-term durability

To achieve the strength and durability required of an L.A. Spa, a polybond construction method is used. Polybond construction is a triple-layer composite of a cast acrylic surface, strengthened by vinyl ester and polyester resin laminates. Bonding these three elements together creates a super-tough, durable spa shell which is built to last. This sturdy inner shell is cradled by a heavy-duty L.A. Spas sub-frame, specially built with moisture-resistant, pressure treated lumber, to provide long-term structural support for your spa. L.A. Spas also integrates an ABS sealed bottom vapour barrier that eliminates moisture creep.

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